Why do parents and students choose ROPES?

ROPES matches highly qualified and friendly tutors to each individual student. All of our tutors are pre-screened and must possess a strong knowledge of the subject they are tutoring as well as an ability to promote the growth and development of students. We hire only merited tutors who have (previous) experience in teaching. We believe that a tutor must not only have a firm grasp of the subject material he or she will be teaching, but must also be able to establish a strong and trusting relationship with the student.

How do I get started?

Contact us with your specific tutoring needs and any questions you may have. In order to begin, we will need basic information about your student such as:

Student's name, school, grade, and age:
Subject that may need particular emphasis or attention:
Where you would like tutoring to take place:
When the student is available for tutoring:
Best number to reach you at and the best time to call:  

When can I meet a tutor?

We offer tutoring at almost any time during the week. We are typically able to match an appropriate tutor for a student within a week's time. After identifying a possible tutor, the student and parent will be able to meet with the tutor to assess the needs of the student as well as to gauge the overall fit of the tutor with the student.

Is ROPES a non profit corporation? 

Yes, the majority of our proceeds are used to award scholarships. ROPES creates opportunities for the community at large. Students benefit from increased academic performance and scholarships. In addition, local college students benefit from the job opportunities we provide. Lastly, parents benefit from the constructive impact our non-profit organization creates in the future of their children, as well as from ROPESís valuable tax savings. 

If my student needs tutoring in two different subjects, do I have to get 2 different tutors? 

In most instances, we are able to match the student with a tutor who can tutor both subjects. Most of our tutors have a rich academic background that enables them to comfortably teach multiple subjects.  

Where are some ideal tutoring locations?

Libraries are usually the best location for tutors and students to meet; the majority of public libraries have tables or study rooms available. Some clients are tutored at these libraries, but many of our students are also tutored at their own home.

What materials will we use?

We use a variety of materials depending on the studentís needs.  A large proportion of material, however, will be provided by the student and his/her parent. We carefully evaluate the specific textbook and material your student is currently using at his or her school to determine if additional material is needed.

Is tutoring offered during the summer?

Yes, tutors are available year round.

How will I track my student's progress?

We believe it is imperative that parents have some method of evaluating the progress of their student at all times.  However, we know that your student is most likely tested over and over again in school and we do not wish to stress the student with more testing. We understand that success comes in gradual steps. 

ROPES offers a systematic and clear way of tracking each student's development based on feedback from tutors at set intervals.  Every other week, the tutor and the student will formally discuss strengths and weaknesses of the student's understanding of the subject material. This constructive evaluation will allow a reassessment of goals that will progressively help correct potential weaknesses to strengths. Our typical results include an increase in performance within the first few weeks of tutoring.


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